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Let Yourself Soar

What is Forward Mind?


Forward Mind Coaching is about nurturing the creativity and courage in you to help you move toward your cherished goals, beyond your fears or assessments that might limit you.


The name Forward Mind came to my wife and I while we were driving down the twists and turns of Route 1 in California, with the wide open ocean alongside us. Feeling expansive and free, we puzzled over the times we had felt trapped in patterns that no longer served us and left us unable to think of a way out. The process of escaping this trap required a supported re-birthing of a sort, a giving form to the voice inside that seeks freedom, beauty, adventure and union. This voice, this force is what I call Forward Mind - the power in us that surges forward.

The coach, in a way, acts as a life doula - someone who encourages the maturing and emergence of this natural urge that leads us all toward greater individuation and fulfillment.


In its undeveloped form this life-force is often undervalued, hidden away, or obscured behind a power-seeking persona, ruled by the societal demands of our jobs, health, and relationships. But with a compassionate guide, we can claim, free, and follow this voice to grow beyond anything we ever imagined. When developed, this forward mind is a tender, yet very powerful part of us that feels its connection to others and to nature, and is at ease -- present and expansive.

Pranay Ranjan MD, MPH

When I look back over all these years, I see my life as a series of journeys that have deeply impacted and transformed me.


Growing up in Northern India, I had no idea I would leave the small town I was in, let alone leave my country and trade my passport for another. 


My career trajectory has been similarly surprising: I started out as a medical doctor, moved into public health, then switched to IT consulting and process expertise in supply chain for a multinational corporation, where I have been working for the last 15 years.


The transition into becoming an executive coach followed years of study with various teachers of consciousness and a lifetime love of supporting people through life changes. In each place, I have been guided by a love of people, relationships, kindness, and of the sacred.



Your Fears


I help clarify goals, build career development plans and transition strategies...

I can help if you are feeling stuck in a particular situation or relationship...

I work with groups to develop team cohesion, resolve conflicts, enhance communication...


Suresh Ramasubramanian

Chief Human Resources Officer & Coach

From the first minute of our opening conversation, I felt that I could trust Pranay and was at ease. He has an exceptional ability to listen with focused attention. He picked up unspoken nuances to deftly open my mind to possibilities. I left each conversation with more energy than I entered with.

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