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About Pranay

Personal & Professional Leadership Coach


I started my life in a small village in Bihar, a state in the northern part of India. Growing up, I had no idea I would leave the area I was in, let alone leave India and become a citizen of the United States, where I currently live with my wife and three cats in California.


The changes within me have, in some ways, mirrored the vast changes in my external circumstances. In my early youth, I used to think of myself as different from others, and I took pride in positioning myself favorably against them. Meanwhile, I struggled with the repressed emotions of fear, shame, and loneliness.


Over the past twenty years, studying with various consciousness teachers, I have learned to unpack and embrace my past and my shadows, which has caused me to grow immensely in my understanding of myself and others. As a result, I have come to experience deeper levels of awareness and presence to the point where I experience a deep oneness with all that is, and the boundaries between "myself" and "others" ceases to exist.


In that space, I feel a great freedom to envision possibilities for all of us. And, in the process, I have also become more curious toward and more forgiving of myself and others. I have also grown significantly in my ability to stay open to the unexpected twists and turns on my life path.


It is from this place of openness and awareness that I coach. Trusting that there is a natural, deeper wisdom within us that is waiting to emerge, I will be curious and respectful of the journey you have been on and your goals for yourself. What brings me to coaching is the joy of us discovering together your heretofore "unknown" potentials - and being awed by it all!

I am trained in and embrace a style of coaching called Ontological Coaching.

Education & Professional Affiliations


Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery, Newfield Network

Masters in Public Health: Behavioral Sciences, Emory University

MBBS/MD, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi

Member, International Coaching Federation

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