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Ontological Coaching


What is that?

Ontology is the study of being.  Ontological coaching is the process of becoming aware of the emotional and cultural forces that determine how you view yourself, others, and your possibilities in life. Developing awareness of the effect of these forces on your life allows you to step out of those constrictions and take actions you may never have considered before. 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.“ - Albert Einstein.

Coaching vs. Therapy

How is Coaching different from Therapy?

Therapists are trained to deal with significant and diagnosable mental health issues. They work to promote stability and to help heal traumas that might have their origins in an early period of your life.


Coaches believe that no matter your diagnosis or past history, you can move forward in your life and be successful.  We work collaboratively with you to creatively design how you want your life to look and how to move forward to get it.


Next Steps


So, how does all this work?

Click on the "Book Free Consultation" button at the bottom of this page. We will start by having a free 20-minute conversation to determine what your needs are and how we might work together to help you achieve your goals.  


Follow-up sessions are about an hour. I encourage buying packages of 3, 6, or 9 sessions in advance to truly commit to the process.  Change can feel hard, but I am committed to working with you to make it feel as easy and compelling as possible! 

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